Core Research Problem

Non-custodial, Social Recovery Smart Wallets

Store your Ether and ERC20 tokens all in one place via an Octo Vault smart contract. Vaults are entirely under your control, without even Octobase ever having access to your funds.

Password recovery

Recover access to your Account without any centralized control over your assets required.

Spending limits

Prevent theft of funds if your credentials have been compromised.

Hacking and theft protection

Lock your account if it has been compromised.

No central control

All Ether and ERC20 assets storable and accessible exclusively by you.

Other features

Simple interface, multiple account functionality, meta transactions, contract method calls, Mobile and Web clients.

About Octobase

Octobase is a blockchain-first research and consulting company that explores how to solve real-world problems by developing decentralized software and governance solutions.

We help determine whether; a problem can be better solved by blockchain-based solutions, which blockchain (if any) has the characteristics that would assist, and what the surrounding blockchain architecture of a solution would look like.

Smart Contract Development

Blockchain Analysis

Crypto Security

DAO’s and Decentralized Governance

Token Offerings and Fundraising

Future Research

Investment Funds

An investment-fund-creation product to create miniature crypto “funds” or “baskets” which maintain a specific dollar-denominated asset ratio.

Wills and Estate Planning

Automated testamentary disbursement upon lack of Vault activity.

Smart Senate

A blockchain platform for the creation and management of company models, structures, and administration.


A corporate information storage platform for minutes, shareholder registers, voting results, and distributions.


An arbitration mechanism allows for the trustless resolution of disputes on the blockchain.


A blockchain-based product for the tokenization, administration, monetization, and trading of loyalty points.


A trustless blockchain ticket generation and issuing product with built-in access control features.

Octo Me

An identity verification and management product with enhanced compliance administration features.

Our Mad Scientists

Cornelius Gouws

Chief Executive Officer

serial software-startup genius | business-minded service tech junkie | cryptocurrency author, speaker and evangelist | cryptocurrency and blockchain specialist

Hank Coetzee

Business Development and Strategy

real estate and finance professional who saw the light | alternative investment concept-builder | business strategist | cryptocurrency investor and blockchain advocate

Schalk Dormehl

Research and Innovation

legendary software developer, architect and less-archist | self taught economist with a cryptocurrency investment problem | libertarian | research mastermind

Francisco de Carvalho

Branding, UX and Design

ux champion | makes designs & visuals speak | experienced mobile developer | photographer | branding boffin | blockchain believer

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