We are looking for fresh blood to grow the Octobase team.

We are slowly growing Team Octobase. To do this we are looking to add another software developer to the team. Below is a bit more info of who we are looking for and what he/she can expect working at Octobase.

Is it you?

The talent we’re looking for is a software developer to join our blockchain startup in Pretoria East, South Africa. Since this is new tech you should be comfortable with learning to work with tools and frameworks you’re most likely unfamiliar with and that themselves are still under heavy development.

We’ve included a list of skills we’re using in Octobase. We don’t expect you to have all these skills, but you’ll need to be comfortable to acquire it, and already having knowledge about it would be beneficial.

If you have at least one year’s experience coding in production environments (i.e. code that has been deployed and is used by end users), and think you are the kind of superstar coder that a startup is made up of, send your CV to jobs@octobase.co

Programmer brain in a jar
  • Cryptography

  • Game Theory

  • Smart Contracts (languages like Solidity and later Vyper)

  • State Machines

  • Discrete Mathematics and/or Graph Theory

  • Economics (Austrian but we’ll settle for Chicago School. No Keynesians please)

  • Data Structures (Skip Lists, B-Trees, etc)

  • Functional Programming (ELM, Purescript, Haskell, Ocaml, etc)

A bit about us

Octobase is a young company that develops consumer blockchain products. We mostly develop for the Ethereum blockchain, ranging from Smart Contracts, Mobile Development and Websites. Our team has consulted on multiple other blockchain products. Even though we keep our team small most of our team members have been in software development for over a decade, tackling technical complex problems over the course of their careers, including areas in Computer Vision, AI, Computer Hardware, BPMN, UX, Big Data, and Quantitative Finance Backtesting. We’ve been around the block, and we’re looking for some more software developer champions to join us. If you would like to read more about Octobase see our website octobase.co

Cornelius Gouws

Co-founder & CEO, Octobase. Outside of his passion for cryptocurrencies and blockchain, he co-founded a software businesses, focused on the insurance industry and was the technical lead on an artificial intelligence project. When not involved in software, he likes simulating murder as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner.